Customer Case Study: Rocket Van

Published: 25th May 2020

Getting the Fundamentals right, a Rapid Repair Solution.

Fleet analysis team in the UK Just as the entire UK was starting to go into Lockdown one of our customers Rocket Van a removal company from East London were in the process of off hiring one of their low loader vehicles, which had some damage to the side door from a hit and run incident.

At Herd the rule of thumb when a vehicle is returned is that it should come back in the condition it was initially hired in, e.g. less any reasonable ‘wear & tear’ in line with regulated guidelines.

We understand that sometimes customers like to get repairs done themselves prior to returning vehicles and unlike many of our competitors we do allow customers to undertake their own repairs to a good acceptable standard.

This was very much the standard procedure of Rocket Van, quite often customers prefer to get the work completed themselves as they may have a relationship with a workshop and some discount agreement etc, and we know that for some that makes complete business sense, however at Herd we are also focused on keeping the customer costs to a minimum as we do CARE about our customers & genuinely want to help their businesses.

Rocket Van said,

“We were due to off-hire a Low Loader just as the UK had started lockdown and we were unable to use our normal bodyshop, as it was closed and couldn’t find anywhere open. To prevent us incurring any ongoing expenses it was critical that we got the vehicle repaired and back to Herd, so they could get it back into stock as quickly as possible. We were relieved when the Herd team stepped in to help, as we know that a vehicle with damage is an on-going expense, so it’s critical that we get vehicles back on schedule”

With their knowledge and experience the team at Herd were able to obtain 3 estimates for repairs for Rocket Van, even despite the lockdown restrictions in place and once Rocket Van had agreed to go ahead, not only did the work get carried out quickly and to a high standard, but it saved money for Rocket Van which was an added bonus due to the fact their work had dried up as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

With the vehicle repaired, we were then able to complete the off-hire process quickly and efficiently with minimal hassle and less expense for Rocket Van.



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