Flexible vehicle rental solutions

Saving businesses from the costs of fleet ownership.

Low cost, flexible, scalable alternative to long-term vehicle hire & leasing.

Our corporate and business clients love the great value, bespoke fleet solutions we deliver – no matter how big, small or demanding your requirements.

Whether you have a single van or a thousand vans, you can scale up or scale down your fleet at any time. Flexible and easy, that’s our Herd Business approach.

Comprehensive choice of vehicles

Herd Group offer the most comprehensive range of commercial vehicle and fleet solutions available, keeping things admirably simple and straightforward for everyone involved. Our total commitment to providing exceptional customer CARE and a can-do attitude is key to everything we do - nothing is ever too much.

3.5T vans to rent in the UK

3.5T Vans

Long wheel based vans to rent in the UK


Business van rental in the UK

Medium Vans

Cab tipper rental in the UK

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Cab Tippers

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Small Vans

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Why long-term rental is better value and more flexible than leasing.

With a shorter term than leasing, the financial commitment with long-term rental is much less. With a lease, your contract is for a predetermined amount of time - typically two or three years. What's more, leasing a brand-new vehicle means you are essentially paying for depreciation throughout the duration of your agreement.

Typically, a sizeable payment is required with a lease, and monthly payments will be largely based on the vehicle's estimated value on return. Leasing is not the best choice if you require flexibility. Contracts are nearly impossible to leave without paying exorbitant early termination fees, which in some cases can be fatal.

Long Term Rental offers improved rates with a shorter minimum commitment - the longer the term, the better the rate.

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Van rental that is flexible and hassle-free from 1 to 24 months long and has no early termination fees. Flexi rental is an affordable monthly rate if you need a van long-term but don't want to sign a lease agreement.

We combine the advantages of subscription without early termination fees and the adaptability of conventional short-term rental to create the flexible option to long term rental or leasing.

Simple & Flexible

  • We’ve made business van hire simplicity itself. We’re completely flexible to suit your changing needs
  • Brand new fuel efficient vans – to reduce your running costs dramatically
  • No nonsense, single monthly payment
  • Tax, Maintenance and support included. Tailored to your fleet size
  • Flexible contract, flexible commitment
  • Risk-free with no hidden costs – guaranteed
  • As many or as few vans as you need
  • Scale up and down whenever you like
  • Wide choice of van types and sizes
  • And if we haven’t got what you need – we’ll get it.
  • Long term or short term
  • With regular vehicle refreshment. Support and maintenance.
  • Servicing and maintenance included

We've made business vehicle rental simplicity itself.

Economical vehicle rental in the UK

Brand new
fuel efficient vans.

To reduce your
running costs dramatically.

monthly payment van rental near me in the UK

No nonsense, single
monthly payment.

Tax, Maintenance & Support
included. Tailored to
your fleet size.

Flexible van rental in the UK

Flex contract
Flexible commitment

Risk free with no hidden
costs - guaranteed.

We're completely flexible to suit your changing needs.

Scalable fleet management in the UK

As many or as few
vans as you need.

Scale up or down
whenever you like.

Corporate vehicle rental in the UK

Wide choice of
van types and sizes.

And if we haven't got what
you need - we'll get it.

Flexible vehicle rental in the UK

Long term or
short term.

With regular vehicle
refreshment. support
and maintenance.

Van rental with servicing in the UK

Servicing and
maintenance included.

We keep on top of it all
so you don't have to.

Dedicated fleet management in the UK

Dedicated Call
Centre Support

For rapid repair
response and support.

Benefits of renting your business vehicles

Outsourcing to a team of experts can address a mixture of objectives such as reduction of operational costs, increasing company focus on core activities and utilising expert external resources. Freeing internal resources for other purposes and streamlining and increasing efficiency of fleet processes.

Fleet Managers often face the most challenging times out of hours with vehicle breakdowns and accidents, outsourcing this element of fleet management relieves this headache so fleet managers can switch off at the end of the day, knowing that their fleet is operational 24/7 with instant access to all the support you need and remain mobile with minimum convenience.

Replacement loan vehicles

Vehicle hire replacement in the UK

Every situation that requires a replacement vehicle is different and with Herd Business flexible van rental we despatch replacement loan vehicles fast to keep you on the road.

Vehicle Trackers

Corporate vehicle tracking systems in the UK

Track Your Herd, is a bespoke vehicle tracking system available exclusively for our fleet customers. It can be configured to your specific needs and provides the vital information to enable you to improve vehicle utilisation and fleet management, with reporting options to help you increase workforce productivity and maximise fleet efficiency.

  • Real-Time web-based vehicle tracking
  • Fully configurable system alerts
  • Driver use and style management
  • Recover stolen vehicles
  • Configurable GPS data update
  • Comprehensive reporting suite
  • Vehicle route replay
  • All your vehicle types are on a single platform
  • Satellite and road imagery with journey overlay

The BVRLA Fair Wear & Tear Guide for LCVs

100% Electric Vehicle Solutions

Herd Zero is flexible, scalable and has fast charging covered. We are committed to helping the UK meet our net-zero targets and are here to support you making an easy transition to an electric fleet - in the way that makes most sense for your business.

We're ready for the future. Now.

Whether the longer-term future is battery electric or hydrogen remains to be seen. Either way, you can rely on Herd to be ready with the best fully electric commercial vehicle options to meet your needs.

Our expert Herd Zero team marries in-depth market research with our unrivalled Customer CARE ethos to ensure we can provide you with the best alternatives to keep your business at its most productive.

Watch our short video to see how we do it.


Need your van customised with signwriting or specialist internal equipment such as a bespoke size tail lift, racking or a metal floor? All this can be accommodated and either added to your weekly payments or paid in full by invoice. We work with every individual customer to develop a fleet solution for them to drive more business.

Just tell us what you need and consider it done!

Sign Writing & Wrapping

From discrete decals to eyecatching all-over wraps

Vehicle rental with signwriting in the UK

Specialist Equipment

Just tell us what you need and we'll kit it out ready for work.

Van rental with customisation in the UK

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